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Pilgrim Defense

Discover Confidence in Everyday Carry

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2-Day Pistol Operator Course

Develop a foundation to employ your Pistol with confidence.

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1-Day Introduction to Pistol Course

Develop safe pistol handling techniques

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Your Instructor

Lance Flory spent 13 operational years in the US Special Operations Community as a Green Beret. He conducted traditional military operations, advising and training US partner military and police forces, as well as low-visibility and “plain-clothes” operations throughout the majority of the middle-east. Towards the end of his time in Special Operations, Lance developed training for seasoned SOF operators to transition their war-fighting skills from the overt battlefield to concealed carry environments. Lance received an Honorable Discharge from the military in September 2019. Currently, Lance serves in his local church, operates a pastured meat farm with his wife and four kids, and chooses to pass on self-defense lessons learned to those who would protect the innocent from evil. Lance’s main goal is to glorify God through his work and relationships while encouraging others to do the same.

"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another"
- Proverbs 27:17

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Barrett - Texas

This class gave me the confidence to know I could safely carry concealed and be able to effectively get to and use my firearm. I have attended a few handgun classes prior to this one but until now haven’t had the practical instruction I needed to feel confident with my firearm. Lance is a great teacher and I can’t recommend his course enough to anyone looking to improve their confidence and shooting ability. You will leave the course with a greater understanding of the fundamentals needed to be effective and ways to continue to improve your skills.


Gaby - Indiana

As a woman I want to feel comfortable with my gun, to be able to handle it correctly. The classes at Pilgrim Defense are on another level, Lance is an excellent instructor, his experience and his techniques have helped me improve and correct bad habits. I feel more confident. I highly recommend and plan to take more classes with them. The best place!


Mike - Montana

At Pilgrim Defense  Lance taught us real world tactics and proper techniques, he emphasized front sight alignment and shot placement .
    The tactics he teaches are designed to give you your best chance at getting home to your family.
   You don't realize the bad habits or lack of correct training you have until you work with someone that has been so highly trained and successfully employed the type of tactics he is teaching you.
    I would definitely recommend his classes, even if you have been shooting your whole life, there is something that will be learned here.
    I look forward to taking more classes at Pilgrim Defense and would recommend it to anyone no matter your level of experience.


David - Indiana

Lance's course is the best course you will get for hand gun skills and practical use. I have been "back woods" shooting for years, along with regular Air Force training, and it doesn't compare to what Lance can teach in a day. He is patient, knowledgeable, and  has real world experience. He takes the time to make sure your form is correct, and that you don't train with bad habits. You will leave his course with more confidence, proper technique, and knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Danny - Texas

I'm just an old "Boomer" that still prefers shooting 1911s over anything else. I thought I knew how to use these pistols fairly well for self defense & security duties. Lance has very patiently deconstructed a lot of misconceptions & really bad habits that I picked up from shooting for years with no coaching.   He always has something to offer to improve at whatever I'm working on. If I really work hard at following his recommendations I always see improvement. Good instructor & a great coach. Highly recommend him.

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Have Questions

We are here for your development.  If you have any questions regarding a course or training opportunities feel free to reach out via e-mail or phone.

344 CR 4405 Jacksonville, TX


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